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5 et 6 octobre 2022

Conférence virtuelle

L'Amazon Brand Conference est la conférence annuelle d'Amazon Europe. Cette dernière à pour objectif de vous proposer des outils, des avantages et des incitations sur la manière de créer, de protéger et de connecter votre marque afin de vous aider à développer une activité florissante.
Amazon Brand Conference

What is Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad is a programme that helps entrepreneurs to launch and drive sales of their unique, innovative, and sustainable products on Amazon by giving them premium benefits. Amazon Launchpad is perfect for innovative start-ups, as well as small/medium brands with a unique selling point. Thousands of trusted brands around the world have benefited from Amazon Launchpad's customer engagement tools, merchandising, and strategic support to gain visibility and accelerate their online sales.

What are the benefits of Amazon Launchpad?

Strategic support

Strategic support

Rely on a proven support programme to accelerate and sustain the growth of your business.

Identify gaps and areas of opportunity for your business to grow. We will help you to define concrete objectives, create listings, improve your product pages, and optimise your performance. You're in control: most of our training and resources are available online, ready for you to access 24/7. We will be on hand to assist you, monitor your progress, and offer you technical support and personalised advice, until you can independently reach your goals!
Customer engagement tools

Customer engagement tools

Unlock premium tools to connect your brand with your customers

Make the most of our services and tools, such as premium A+ content and product page quality reports, to help you attract customers with visuals and ensure they are better informed. These can help increase your traffic and conversion rates. We'll help you to design an advertising strategy through free promotions, fee reductions, and optimising your Sponsored Products campaigns (subject to eligibility). Our free translation services will make it easier for you to sell in the EU and UK, and you can also get AWS credits to expand your business in the cloud.
Amazon Merchandising

Amazon Merchandising

Help customers to discover your innovative products and promote them across all Amazon stores

Showcase your brand in dedicated stores across the EU and the UK. Get access to major Amazon promotional events, free promotions, and features on the Amazon home page. Get access to Amazon's invitation-only marketing and PR initiatives to get your start-up discovered.
Amazon Global Expansion

Global expansion

Grow your business internationally with the help of Amazon Launchpad teams located in nine different countries

Amazon Launchpad makes it easy to launch products, and get go-to-market support and benefits across different regions.
Do you have an innovative and original product to sell on Amazon?

Be inspired by Amazon Launchpad entrepreneurs

From innovative cosmetics and original electronics to unique food products, we've already helped thousands of businesses around the world to expand their brands online, showcasing their original concepts to millions of Amazon customers.

Discover what's new

Expand your brand further with our initiatives that are tailored to sustainable and innovative brands.

Innovation Awards

Do you create cutting-edge products that innovate on a daily basis, contributing to a better future for all?

Sign up for a chance to win the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards and
expand your start-up with €100,000 and more.

Sustainability Accelerator

Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is a three-month sustainability programme that supports start-ups in their early stages that create environmentally-conscious

How do I join the Amazon Launchpad programme?

You can join the programme whether or not you're already an Amazon seller. Simply fill out our membership application form and we will get back to you within 10 working days.

How much does Amazon Launchpad cost?

Amazon Launchpad sellers pay an additional 5% referral fee on each item sold, in addition to the standard referral fee. These fees apply to all sales on the Seller Central account and are charged based on the total sum paid for the item by the customer, including applicable taxes and customs fees.


Who is Amazon Launchpad for?
We review applicants case-by-case against our criteria before accepting applicants into the Amazon Launchpad programme. We are looking for innovative brands from any product category, with a unique selling point and brand story, looking to maximise their potential globally.
I'm already selling on Amazon. Can I sign up?
Yes, if you are already selling on Amazon, you can participate in the Amazon Launchpad programme. Complete our programme application form, and we will get back to you within 10 days.
Do I have to reapply if I already sell with Amazon Launchpad in another country?
If you are part of our three North American stores (,,, Australian store ( or Indian store ( you will need to reapply to join Amazon Launchpad Europe. If you join Amazon Launchpad on, the programme will automatically enrol you in all six European stores (,,,,, without reapplying. Learn more about global selling here.
How will Amazon Customers discover my products on Amazon Launchpad?
Amazon Launchpad has dedicated storefronts on Amazon's marketplaces (,,,,, featuring Amazon Launchpad products. Our account management and marketing teams will also work with you to help improve exposure of your products. Additionally, your products are treated like any other listings on Amazon, so discovery through search is no different.
How long does the programme last?
The programme requires a one-year commitment. After that period, you can decide to stay on the programme for longer, in which case you do not need to do anything, or to leave the programme, at any time, by sending us a 30-day notice via email.
Where can I go to learn more about joining Amazon Launchpad?
Apply to the Amazon Launchpad programme and someone from our team will be in touch. You can also get started with our Amazon Launchpad Help page in Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Seller University.

Do you have an innovative, original product that you want to sell on Amazon? Send us your application now!

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