Accelerate your growth

with Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator
Are you building an innovative product within the sustainability vertical and want to scale fast and maximise your impact? If so, we want to support you.
Applications for this cohort are now closed. You can register your interest for the next cohort
Designed for start-ups

Designed for start-ups

Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is a three-month launch programme that supports early-stage start-ups designing products with their environmental impact in mind.

Expertise in climate innovation

We have collaborated with EIT Climate-KIC, the European leader in climate innovation. We have designed the programme to ensure that start-ups receive relevant support at the intersection of e-commerce and impact.

Why join us?

Goodwill gesture

Goodwill gesture

€12,000 grant
€6000 in advertising click credits
USD$25,000 AWS Activate credits
Specialised mentoring

Specialised mentoring

The Accelerator brings together experts who specialise in e-commerce, in physical goods related to sustainability and in start-up growth.
Tailor-made courses

Tailor-made courses

Workshops, boot camps, and expert speakers covering a range of key topics for any start-up ready to progress.
Applications for this cohort are now closed. You can register your interest for the next cohort

What additional benefits are available?

Free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year
Dedicated support and free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year to benefit from Amazon's customer reach. Amazon Launchpad is a one-stop shop for unique and unexpected new products from exceptional start-ups.
Climate impact assessment
Understand the potential climate impact of your product, develop strategies to optimise it, and receive external validation.
Office space
Office space for three months at Amazon's HQ in Shoreditch, London.
The Accelerator will operate in a hybrid manner. Start-ups can join online or in person. This will be subject to applicable COVID-19 restrictions.
Peer learning and discussion with a community of like-minded founders driven by sustainable development.
What additional benefits are available?
Key application criteria

Key application criteria

Stage: Early-stage start-ups.
Product: Physical products within the sustainability vertical. Companies should be beyond prototyping stage, having (some) production capacity.
Location: EEA, Switzerland or UK-based.
Themes: We are looking for start-ups aiming to make it easy for customers to shop more sustainably. Products should make quantifiable improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability; some of these themes include: Recycled and upcycled materials and products, reusable everyday items, eco-friendly gadgets and tech, more-sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories, plastic alternatives etc.

Success stories

Working with Amazon has allowed us to expand our e-commerce distribution and give more people access to an affordable and sustainable hot water solution.
Faisal GhaniSolarisKit


Applications for this cohort are now closed. You can register your interest for the next cohort

Start-up selection committee:

Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh
Amazon Launchpad EU GM
Cyrus Wadia
Cyrus Wadia
Amazon Head of Sustainable Product
Aimee Apel
Aimee Apel
EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator Lead
Adiari Vazquez, PhD
Adiari Vazquez, PhD
The Climate Pledge Fund at Amazon

Frequently asked questions

What is the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator?
The Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is a three-month programme that is designed to support entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of building sustainability-focused products. We offer expert-led workshops, mentoring, office space and access to networks to help navigate the challenges of starting a business within sustainability.
How do I apply for the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator?
You can apply to the Accelerator via this link. Applications must be submitted in English and by 25 March 2022. Applicants must be prepared to commit to a three-month programme starting on 3 May.
How do I know if the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is suited to me?
Typically, the accelerator is suited to companies in the early stages of operation, either pre-GTM (go-to-market) or less than two years after launching their first product offering. It is best suited to entrepreneurs who have ambitions to use e-commerce to fuel the growth of their product. We're looking for companies that might be small today, but have big, bold ambitions. As you are likely early in your journey, we don't expect hockey stick growth yet, but we are looking for clear opportunities for scaling up.
What types of businesses are suitable?
The programme is best suited to start-ups building products that offer improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability and are committed to building and growing their business with environmental impact in mind.
Will Amazon be charging for start-ups to join the programme?
The program is free and Amazon does not take equity.
Do I have to travel?
No, the Accelerator will operate in a hybrid manner (mixing online and in-person support) allowing you to benefit from face-to-face support when you need it most, while having the flexibility and ease of participating in activities online.
What are the benefits of the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator?
  • Participation in a three-month Accelerator programme that includes exclusive workshops, mentoring and access to the Amazon network
  • Free office space (subject to the latest government COVID guidelines)
  • €12,000 cash grant
  • USD$25,000 AWS Activate credits
  • €6000 in advertising click credits
  • Free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year
  • How many businesses will participate in the Accelerator?
    Every accelerator cohort will comprise 8–12 companies.
    Do I need to join Amazon Launchpad?
    There is no requirement for participating companies to join Amazon Launchpad after the Accelerator; however, given the connection to the programme, we believe it will be beneficial for the companies selected.
    How will the selection committee assess the start-ups?
    All applications will be considered individually on their merits and the chosen companies will be determined by the Selection Committee based on the selection criteria, which includes an assessment of the following:
  • Founding team (expertise within the chosen industry, track record of growing a business and suitability to an early-stage accelerator)
  • Opportunity (the size of the chosen customer pool and whether it is growing)
  • Business model and sustainability impact (sustainability of the business model and impact on the environment)
  • Solution validation (whether the product solves the problem identified)
  • Suitability of the programme for the participating business (whether the applicant company can fuel its growth using e-commerce)
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