Amazon Selling Partner 360

Whether you're just starting out on your Amazon adventure or you're already at an advanced stage in your development, making the right decisions for your business can be difficult.

Amazon Selling Partner 360 offers a premium and tailor-made solution to support you in these decisions. Drawing on Amazon's extensive expertise, we offer you strategies tailored to your needs to help you define and meet your objectives: boost your sales, grow your business, and satisfy your customers.
Selling Partner 360

What does the programme include?

Your Marketplace Consultant will provide you with analyses related to your business on Amazon. While keeping your objectives in mind, we make use of our expertise to identify new sources of growth and advise you on development opportunities not to be missed. By answering your questions on a daily basis, Amazon Selling Partner 360 allows you to implement actions tailored to your objectives, optimise your resources, and continuously improve your processes to facilitate your success. By joining Amazon Selling Partner 360, you will benefit from:
Marketplace Consultant and Strategic Advice

Marketplace Consultant and Strategic Advice

  • Direct contact with a dedicated Marketplace Consultant to allow you to focus on your strategy and the growth of your business
  • Access to ongoing support, recommendations, and a wealth of information
  • Monthly monitoring and review of your business operations based on figures.
Merchandising, Beta and Pilot Opportunities

Merchandising and Beta Programmes

  • Access to the latest beta programmes available at Amazon
  • Merchandising opportunities and events to improve the visibility of your products
  • Keep up to date with the latest Amazon news, updates, and tools.

How can we help you grow your business?

Drawing on our wide range of expertise, our support is based on seven modules. These modules cover many topics, including ways to reduce operational costs, increase the visibility of your offers on Amazon and improve your brand image.

We generally recommend focusing on 2 to 3 modules to start with to prioritise topics and identify specific actions.

Example of a module: The Conversion

  • Detailed analysis of the conversion rate
  • Segmentation and definition of actions based on the conversion rate of products
  • Tailored recommendations to improve product pages
  • Optimisation of keywords
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How have we helped our selling partners?

Our team is already very familiar with Amazon and its tools, but having a dedicated Marketplace Consultant gives us a huge advantage in terms of making decisions!
ArashSales team, Nutravita
Being advised on how to implement the Fulfilment by Amazon programme in our business really helped us, especially regarding how to identify which products to prioritise. It's very useful to have an expert perspective, which we directly felt the effects of in Sales, meaning we appreciated it all the more.
VitaliyaSales team, Arcade Retail

How much does it cost?

The cost of the programme is divided into two parts: a fixed part + a variable part. These fees will be taken directly from your Seller Central account on a monthly basis.

Monthly fee

Fixed cost
Variable cost
[Previous month's overall sales turnover x 0.3%] *
*The total fee is capped at a maximum of €5000 per month.
Overall sales turnover refers to the total turnover generated in European marketplaces.


Monthly sales turnover = €30,000
€1600 + (0.3% x 30,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fees = €1690
Monthly sales turnover = €100,000
€1600 + (0.3% x 100,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fees = €1900
Monthly sales turnover = €2,000,000
€1600 + (0.3% x 2,000,000) = Amazon Selling Partner 360 fees = €5000
See FAQ 25 to 27 for more information on programme fees and billing.

How can I get more information?

Learn more about the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme:
  • Enter your information in the ‘Register your interest’ form
  • We will verify your eligibility for the programme and one of our Marketplace Consultants will contact you to inform you of the next steps
  • Our Marketplace Consultant will confirm the date you joined the programme (you may be added to a waiting list), and a Marketplace Consultant will be assigned to your account.


General information

1. If I'm not a brand owner, can the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme still help me?
Yes absolutely, the programme was set up to meet the needs of brand owners and selling partners who resell on Amazon marketplaces. The growth modules you focus on will be different depending on your profile and the type of business you are developing.
2. Can Amazon Selling Partner 360 support me with my accounts in the UK and Europe?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant will help you grow your business in the UK and Europe. If you have just one account, the total fixed fees for the programme will be €1600 and will be charged only once, regardless of the number of European marketplaces in which you do business. On the other hand, if you have different accounts for each marketplace, you will have to choose which accounts you want support with, and in this case, you will be billed separately for the selected accounts.
3. Can the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme support me with my growth outside the UK and the European Union?
No, we cannot support you with your growth outside the UK and the European Union, as the service we offer is only available in Europe. However, we work closely with the Global Selling team, and we will therefore be able to inform you of all the development opportunities on new marketplaces. Although we cannot directly work on your accounts outside the UK and the European Union, your Marketplace Consultant will be able to connect you with teams that can support you in your growth outside of Europe and the UK.
4. I have more than one seller account on Amazon. Can one Marketplace Consultant provide support for all my accounts?
Selling partners must register each account separately in the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme. Depending on the capabilities of the respective Marketplace Consultant, you may or may not be able to work with a single Marketplace Consultant across all your accounts. We will work together to establish the best strategy for managing your multiple accounts. Refer to question 2 of these FAQ for more information on the possibility of being supported across multiple accounts.
5. I already work with several Account Managers on Amazon. Why would I pay for this service?
By joining the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme, your Marketplace Consultant will be able to: 1) Work collaboratively to define your objectives and strategy, 2) Support you more generally rather than just focussing on a single programme or functionality, 3) Proactively check if there are opportunities to take regarding your account (expansion, marketing, selection, pricing, etc.), and 4) Keep you informed of the latest pilot programmes developed within Amazon. You will also have access to Premium Seller Support.
6. What are the eligibility requirements for the programme?
To be eligible for the programme, you must have an account registered with Amazon, with no blocked marketplaces. You will be added to a waiting list to participate in the programme, and if your account meets all the requirements, you will be contacted by a Marketplace Consultant.
7. How can I be sure that the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme will help me grow?
We constantly track and evaluate the satisfaction of our selling partners. We use your feedback to improve the programme and establish new services. For more information, we recommend reading the feedback provided by selling partners within the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme here.
8. I'm having problems with my Amazon account; can I get help before joining the programme?
We are unable to assist selling partners until they join the programme. However, you have access to Seller Support regardless of your situation, so do not hesitate to contact the service if you need to. Once you join the programme, you will have access to a Marketplace Consultant who will assist you in growing your business and Premium Seller Support for any operational questions (refer to FAQ 9–11 for more information). However, the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme does not assist selling partners with a blocked account or ASIN. All selling partners, including Amazon Selling Partner 360 members, must follow the same appeal processes for a blocked ASIN or account.

Premium Seller Support

9. What is Premium Seller Support?
By joining the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme, you gain exclusive access to a Premium Seller Support service, which will assist you in resolving operational issues (for the types of issues covered by the Premium Seller Support service, refer to question 11 of these FAQ). Premium Seller Support operators are trained to give you the best possible support with any issues you may encounter. More specifically, the Premium Seller Support team is:
  • Trained on specific topics that enable them to respond to the complex issues you face, and that require expert knowledge of activities and processes within Amazon
  • Trained to deal with any technical and non-technical problems experienced by members of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme
  • Trained to identify possible process improvements and help implement them, with the aim of reducing problems for our selling partners.
10. If I join the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme, can I expect preferential treatment in terms of Amazon policies?
No, Amazon policies are the same for all selling partners on the marketplace and apply irrespective of whether you are a part of the programme. All marketplace selling partners have access to Seller Support and all are provided with assistance irrespective of whether they are part of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme.
11. What topics can Premium Seller Support help me with?
Topics covered
Fulfilment by Amazon
A customer contacted us about an FBA order that still hasn't arrived, can you check the status of that order?
How do I remove excess inventory?
I have inventory without active offers, can you help me resolve this?
Sell on Amazon
I've noticed charges on my account, but I can't figure out what they are for.
A customer is requesting a refund, what should I do?
I can't send an order, what should I do?
Incorrect information on the product page
I want to update my product page with a new description, but I get an error message when I try to do so.
I updated the description bullet points on my product sheet, but the changes are still not showing on the Amazon product page after 24 hours.
The information currently on the product page is incorrect, can you help me update it?
How do I create an inventory file?
Error code 6014 is displayed, what does that mean?
Where can I find the latest version of the inventory file?
Account issues
(Excluding account blocking issues)
I need to update my business information.
How do I add a secondary user to my account?
Can I create a second Seller Central account with the same company?
Catalogue issues
(Excluding catalogue blocking issues)
I'm trying to create variations, but I'm stuck and need some help.
Someone replaced the main image on my product sheet, can you help me put the original image back on?

Your Marketplace Consultant

12. Will my Marketplace Consultant be able to help me understand and use the tools available in Seller Central?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can show you all the tools available in Seller Central. If you would like to learn more about a particular tool/feature, ask your Marketplace Consultant to explain it to you. They can organise this during your monthly check-ins or answer it by email if it is an ad hoc question about Seller Central.
13. Can my Marketplace Consultant assist me with the Vendor Central interface?
No, the programme only covers the Seller Central interface.
14. How often can I talk to my Marketplace Consultant?
Your Marketplace Consultant will organise a monthly check-in so that you can review your business plan together and prioritise the actions to be taken. Additional exchanges can be set up to help you optimise your growth and to support you with the needs of your business. To facilitate all these interactions, you will have the direct email address of your Marketplace Consultant.
15. How many selling partners does each Marketplace Consultant support?
Each Marketplace Consultant works closely with a small number of selling partners. We limit the size of each Marketplace Consultant's portfolio to give them time to focus on your account and your needs. We regularly review and adjust the size of the Consultants’ portfolios to ensure your satisfaction.
16. Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees.
17. What level of experience will my Marketplace Consultant have?
All our Marketplace Consultants are trained to offer sellers who are part of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme the best possible support regarding a range of topics, such as managing logistics and inventory, selection and conversion, marketing and advertising strategy, and international growth.
18. What criteria do you use to choose which Marketplace Consultant will assist me?
The Marketplace Consultant who will assist you will be assigned to your account once your account has been reviewed. We make sure that all Marketplace Consultants receive the same high-quality training and that the size of their account portfolios remains limited so that they can support you in the best possible way.
19. Will I keep the same Marketplace Consultant while I am a member of the programme?
We cannot guarantee that you will not have a different Marketplace Consultant while you are a member of the programme, but we place a high value on the relationship you can build with your Marketplace Consultant. Therefore, we will strive to preserve this relationship by ensuring continuity with the same Marketplace Consultant whenever possible.
20. What happens if I am not satisfied with the level of service provided by my Marketplace Consultant?
The satisfaction of our selling partners is our top priority. Every month, you will receive a satisfaction questionnaire so that you can share any doubts with us. The results of these questionnaires are analysed very closely by the Programme Directors to ensure that the service we offer you is exceptional. You also have the option of requesting a phone call with a manager to discuss any difficulties you might be having and see how we can help you overcome them.

Marketing, advertising, and programme opportunities

21. Will my Marketplace Consultant proactively offer me development opportunities through new programmes?
Absolutely. Keeping your goals in mind, your Marketplace Consultant will keep you informed of new programme and pilot developments that might help you grow and achieve your objectives.
22. What type of marketing support can I get?
Your Marketplace Consultant will advise you on implementing all the promotional offers currently available at Amazon, specifically Coupons, Lightning Deals, 7-Day Deals, and Deals of the Day. The programme does not guarantee that any offers submitted will be validated, but your Marketplace Consultant will be able to support you with this to generate growth. The fees for implementing an offer will remain the same and members of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme will not receive a discount for setting up promotional offers.
23. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me set up promotional offers?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can explain the different types of promotional offers and teach you how to set them up. Your Consultant can also help you create a promotional strategy based on your objectives, as well as inform you about the eligibility conditions of offers to maximise the likelihood of your proposals being accepted.
24. Can my Marketplace Consultant help me prepare for special promotional events, such as Prime Day?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant will help you prepare for major promotional events throughout the year. Your Consultant will help you implement your promotional strategy, while improving your product pages to maximise the impact of these high-traffic events.

Programme fees and commitment period

25. What is the cost structure of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme?
The cost of receiving support as part of the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme is as follows: €1600/month + 0.3% of the total sales turnover achieved the previous month. This cost takes into account the price of the products, but excludes the costs of returns, delivery, packaging, and any other charges. The total amount of fees is capped at €5000 per month.

Here is an example: Between 1 July and 31 July 2020, Christophe’s business, a fictitious selling partner selling on Amazon and who is part of the Amazon Selling Partner programme, generated a total sales turnover of €130,000 within Europe. On 1 August, the amount invoiced to Christophe's account will therefore be €1990 (plus taxes). Calculation details: (€1600 + (0.3% *€130,000)).

The fees are calculated based on the total sales turnover generated in Europe over the previous month (total sales turnover generated in Europe = product prices * quantity; the total sales turnover does not include returns, delivery, packaging or any other charges), and will therefore vary each month.
26 When will I be charged?
You will be charged and billed on day 1 of each month. For information on how we calculate the programme fees, see question 25 of these FAQ. You can find the invoiced amount in Seller Central under the Report tab > Payments > Transaction overview > Service fees > Premium service fees.
27. How are the fees collected?
Programme fees are taken directly from your account balance. If there is an insufficient account balance to cover the programme fees, the remaining amount will be charged directly to the credit card linked to your Seller Central account.
28. Is it possible to pay less to have fewer services?
The Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme is currently defined as a set of services which cannot be sold separately.
29. How long is the commitment period for the programme?
The minimum commitment period for the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme is 6 months. At the end of the minimum commitment period of 6 months, you can continue to work with the programme or choose to leave it. In this case, a 30-day notice period applies. The Amazon Selling Partner programme reserves the right to terminate your contract with a notice period of 30 days. There is no maximum commitment period for the programme.
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