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Arcade Retail has seen a significant increase in sales as a result of joining the Amazon Selling Partner 360 programme

Arcade Retail
"Getting advice on how to implement the Fulfilment by Amazon programme in our business really helped us, especially in terms of identifying which products to prioritise. It's very useful to have an expert perspective, which was directly reflected in our sales, meaning we appreciated it all the more."
Vitaliya, Sales team, Arcade Retail
Arcade Retail has been operating since 2009, mainly in the UK. Following its launch on Amazon in 2016, it diversified its portfolio of sports products by adding jewellery, appliances and cosmetics. The business has also grown overseas, thanks to Amazon's international logistics expertise.

Arcade Retail joined Amazon Selling Partner 360 in May 2019, making them one of the first selling partners to join the programme. When asked why they decided to get involved, Vitaliya explained: "Our main goal is to deliver a top-notch customer experience. To do this, we needed to improve our sales strategy on Amazon, so we thought this programme would be a great opportunity to steer us in the right direction."

Vitaliya was put in touch with Matthew, who became their dedicated Marketplace Consultant. They worked together to set up a tailor-made action plan for Arcade Retail. Vitaliya highlighted the amount of valuable advice she received, including product information and participation in marketing opportunities — "the advice we receive is always tailored to our business model and priorities are clearly defined in a personalised roadmap. This has allowed us to focus our energy on the best areas for growth, and has undoubtedly contributed to our increase in sales."
One of the most meaningful outcomes of our discussions with Matthew was our participation in the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) programme: "Before joining the programme, we didn't focus much on FBA", says Vitaliya. "Matthew presented us with this opportunity and helped to make this project a top priority in our action plan. We were able to see the benefits of it, so we changed our direction. We are now sending ten times as many parcels, representing the significant increase in sales for our business. We're currently working on VAT registrations so that we can continue to expand our account in other EU countries."

When asked if she would recommend the programme, Vitaliya responded: "Amazon Selling Partner 360 has really exceeded our expectations and we are very happy!"

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