For Nutravita, receiving advice on promising opportunities has proven to be instrumental.

"Our team is already very familiar with Amazon and its tools, but having a dedicated Marketplace Consultant gives us a huge advantage in terms of making decisions!"
Arash, Director, Nutravita
Nutravita provides high-quality dietary supplements made in the UK, and is celebrating its fifth anniversary as a business 100% launched on Amazon. Every year since 2014, Nutravita has expanded its product portfolio by 50%:
"Amazon offers access to a huge number of customers and, as a selling partner, that's really important for us".
Nutravita joined the Pro Programme in June 2019 and the account guidance offered as part of the programme was entrusted to Rachel: "It was clear that having the support of a Marketplace Consultant would open the doors to new opportunities and help us to accelerate our growth". Rachel has extensive knowledge of the different Amazon selling tools and services available, and has been able to provide a lot of valuable information: "So far the best tip for us has been to work on identifying our customer profile. This allowed us to tailor our marketing efforts to be more accurate and help us get the most out of our money — it's been a huge benefit!"

This proactive relationship between Rachel and Nutravita is a great example of the Pro Programme. Arash continues: "Now that we have a second pair of eyes, we're more confident than ever".

Just three months after joining the programme, Nutravita was already enjoying great success, achieving a record month in September with more products. Rachel also enjoyed working with Nutravita, especially on product innovations and beta programmes: "In addition to optimising its existing catalogue, Nutravita is always enthusiastic about getting involved in the new programmes made available by Amazon to help grow their account", she explains.

At the end of the interview, Arash concludes: "The Pro Programme helps us to solve the problems we encounter and provides us with a number of opportunities for growth".
Pro programme
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