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Customers are always actively looking for the best offers on Amazon, especially during the end-of-year period and during Amazon events. Creating Today's Deals (Promotional Offers and Coupons) on Amazon can help you increase your sales and brand visibility, and generate more customer reviews.

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Why create a Deal?

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Brand visibility
Promotional offers and coupons can be an effective tool for promoting your brand and making your products more easily visible to customers. Promote your products by gaining visibility on the Lightning Deals page.
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Sales volume
Today's Deals can be a good tool to help you increase your sales by offering discounts on products. Promote your bestsellers or reduce your excess inventory by freeing up storage space in our warehouses.
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Schedule Today's Deals during event periods, such as Prime Day or Black Friday, and benefit from Amazon's online and offline marketing efforts, which aim to maximise traffic to the event page.
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This Sunday's Promotional Offer went very well. We expected an increase, but not to this extent. Going forward, we will consider promotions in our inventory planning.
Raphael DenkerManaging Director of Maiden & Friends

What types of Today's Deals are available?

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Lightning Deals
A price reduction published as a flash deal for several hours on the Amazon Lightning Deals page. Lightning Deals are often highlighted on the dedicated Amazon page, which is one of the most visited pages on Amazon.
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Best Deals
A price reduction published on the Lightning Deals page for 7 days that can be used to direct traffic to your entire catalogue, to create visibility for one or more brands, and to promote products on the Lightning Deals page for a longer period of time.
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A price reduction that is visible on the product page and on the Amazon Coupons page. Customers simply click on the Coupon to add it to their basket.

How do you make the most out of your deals?

Step 1

Use ASIN recommendations
The recommendations are updated weekly. If you see an eligible product, take the necessary actions as soon as possible.

Step 2

Use high-quality images for your offers
Make sure the image does not include any logos or text that are not part of the product itself. If a deal does not meet the style criteria with regard to the image or if the deal does not represent the products included in the deal, the offer may be cancelled.

Step 3

Add Enhanced Brand Content
Brand owners can add Enhanced Brand Content to their listings to improve the product description and help customers make a purchase decision.

Step 4

Combine your Promotional Offer with a Sponsored Products campaign
Sponsored Products is a self-service advertising programme that allows you to quickly create cost-per-click ads to increase your visibility.

Step 5

Monitor the status of your Offer
Use the Promotional Deal Manager to check the status of your Offer regularly before its launch date, and avoid making changes to the ASINs included in the promotion during this time.

Learn how to combine Today's Deals with other marketing tools

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Get answers to frequently asked questions on Amazon Promotional Offers and Coupons.
Why should I launch Promotional Offers?
Today's Deals can be a good tool to help you increase your sales or reduce your excess inventory.
How do I become eligible for Promotional Offers?
Currently, only professional sellers are eligible for promotional offers. In addition, your products must meet certain eligibility criteria. You can find the full list on the Seller Central help pages.
Do I have to pay fees to participate in a Lightning Deal or a Best Deal?
You will be charged for each Lightning Deal or Best Deal that successfully goes live. The fees will be shown when you create the offer and choose the date of the promotion. The fees may vary depending on when the offer takes place.
Is it possible to cancel an offer after it has been created?
You can cancel an Offer at any time. However, we recommend that you cancel your offer up to 25 hours before it goes live in order to avoid paying fees and being blacklisted and losing your offer creation privileges.
Where can I monitor the performance of my Offer?
The performance of your Lightning Deals and Best Deals can be found on the Seller Central Offer Management page.
How much does a Coupon cost?
Each time a customer uses one of your Coupons, you will be charged a usage fee. You will find the exact fees when creating your Coupon.
Where can customers find my Coupon on Amazon?
Customers can discover Coupons on the Coupon home page, in search results, on the product page, and in their shopping basket.
Where can I check the performance of my Coupon?
You can monitor and track the performance of your Coupons in real time using the Seller Central Coupon Manager.
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