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When an Amazon customer buys your product, we can either ship the order for you with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or you can ship it yourself. Many Amazon selling partners use a mix of Amazon fulfilment and shipping their own orders.
Family of Amazon customers happily holding the packages they have received from an Amazon fulfilment centre

Benefit from selling new products with Fulfilment by Amazon

Enrol in the FBA New Selection Programme and get free storage, removals, and return processing, as well as an average rebate of 10% on ASIN sales of your brand (conditions apply).
Water bottles available through Amazon Prime shipping, and a Prime shipping badge with an “Add to cart” button

Enjoy fast, free shipping with Prime

Many Amazon customers look for products with the Prime badge because it represents fast, free shipping. Using FBA to ship your products is the easiest way to get the Prime badge for most offers.

You sell it, we ship it

Fulfilment by Amazon

Illustrated woman standing in front of boxes on a conveyor belt in an Amazon fulfilment centre

How Fulfilment by Amazon works

When you sign up to sell on Amazon, you're automatically enrolled in FBA for free. If you decide to go down that route, you'll send inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres, and we'll handle shipping, customer service, refunds, and returns for those products. You can track your FBA inventory in Seller Central.

Benefits of FBA

Amazon handles the logistics so you can handle what matters most to you.
  • Eliminate your fulfilment headaches and get help growing your business.
  • Outsource storage, customer service, and returns.
  • Display the Prime badge on eligible products.
  • Offer Prime members free next-day delivery on millions of eligible items.*
  • Improve your chance of winning the featured offer on detail pages.
*Available in metropolitan France (excluding Corsica) and Belgium.
There’s no minimum number of units and no obligation to use FBA for all of your products. You have the freedom to customise your strategy to meet your e-commerce business’ needs.

Tour a fulfilment centre

Amazon has 175 fulfilment centres around the world ready to store and ship your products with FBA.
Fulfilment centre

You sell it, you ship it

Fulfilment by selling partner

Man pulling packages on a trolley in an Amazon fulfilment centre with a superimposed illustration of an inventory list

When to handle orders yourself

Fulfilment by selling partner might be right if your products aren’t ideal for FBA—for instance, hazardous goods that don’t meet fulfilment centre requirements or seasonal products that would incur excessive storage fees. Also, you may not need FBA if you already have a logistics network in place.

In cases like these, fulfilment by selling partner allows you to:
  • Keep your inventory on hand
  • Use your own packaging or labels
  • Stay profitable on products with tighter margins
  • Offer products that are eligible for sale on Amazon, but ineligible for FBA

Leverage the Prime badge while you fulfil your own orders

Selling Partner Fulfilled Prime allows you to deliver Prime products directly from your own warehouse. You retain full inventory control, while enjoying the benefits of the Prime badge—a prized service guarantee that increases visibility and generates repeat purchases. You just have to commit to fulfilling orders with One-Day Delivery at no additional charge for Prime customers, using Amazon-approved transportation solutions. As soon as you complete the Selling Partner Fulfilled Prime trial period, your enrolled products will be displayed with a Prime badge.
Warehouse packing

Amazon's dropshipping policy

Dropshipping is when you enlist a third-party to fulfil orders on your behalf. Amazon has very specific policies around this practice. If it’s a method you intend to use, be sure to follow these requirements to avoid losing your selling privileges.
VAT information for Selling on Amazon, France

Find out how your shipping method affects VAT obligations

Depending on the nature of your business, you will be required to register for VAT in a European country as per the regulations. Factors that influence your VAT obligations include the fulfilment method and the country of inventory storage.

Learn more about fulfilment

€39 (excl. VAT) per month + referral fees
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