How to sell online in
5 steps

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How to sell online in 5 steps

How to sell online in 5 simple steps

Do you want to start selling online, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. Here, we've put together everything you need to get started today.

You need to put a solid strategy in place in order to successfully launch your online business and stand out from the competition.

Learn how to sell online in 5 simple steps!

1. Define your online product sales strategy

Have you chosen the products you want to sell online? If so, it's time to set your marketing strategy. Start by identifying your typical customer base as this will dictate key aspects of your service, such as:
  • Your pricing strategy
  • Brand tone and image style
  • Your communication channels
Once these points have been clarified and you have a better idea of how to sell online, take a look at the online sales process.

2. Choose your online order channel

This choice will depend on your sales strategy. There are may options offering all kinds of features for selling online. When choosing your online sales channel, take the time to analyse your requirements, such as type of products, payment methods, delivery methods, customer service, etc.

Each order channel has pros and cons. Amazon, for example, is the perfect option for acquiring targeted traffic without having to develop a structure or invest in logistics. Here you will find a beginner's guide to find out more.

3. Plan fulfilment of your orders

Delivery is a crucial step in your online sales process. Although some channels offer support for shipping, you can also manage this directly.

You therefore need to calculate your shipping costs and plan for the packaging supplies (envelopes, parcels, labels, etc.) that you will require, consider your returns policy, and set up order tracking.
3. Plan fulfilment of your orders
4. Online sales by the book

4. Online sales by the book

Ecommerce is governed by very strict rules, such asVAT requirements, categories of restricted or prohibited products, GDPR laws, and international trade regulations. It is imperative that you are aware of these rules and comply with them.

Once any sale has been concluded, you must provide the buyer with a sales "contract" that includes your obligations in terms of fulfilment times (30 days after the order is placed) and the grace and return period (14 days).

5. Attract customers to boost sales

Icon: Congratulations!

Congratulations, your products are finally online!

The next step is to attract potential buyers. Here are some simple and effective marketing tips to help you attract buyers:
  • Use attractive and engaging visuals
  • Write content clearly and concisely so that your prospective buyers have enough information
  • Boost your traffic by publishing optimised content with the keywords that your buyers use
  • Offer attractive promotions and adapt your pricing strategy to your competitors
Icon: For Amazon selling partners

The first 90 days are particularly important for Amazon selling partners.

During this period, you will establish good practices in terms of marketing, order management, and pricing to ensure that your store is successful. Brand Registry, A+ Content, Fulfilment by Amazon, Automated Pricing, and Advertising are five key factors that will influence the level of success you enjoy over this 90-day period. It's called the "Perfect Launch". To ensure a "Perfect Launch", we're offering a new brand bonus that includes a 5% discount on your first €900,000 in brand sales and 90 days of free storage for 50 units. To find out how to sell more with Amazon, read our dedicated page.
Icon: After that, why not grow?

After that, why not grow by selling products internationally?

Now that you know how to sell online, launching an online sales business is perfectly feasible if you follow these 5 simple steps properly. By following our advice, it is entirely possible to start selling online right now. And who knows, you may be back in a few weeks to take your brand to the next level!


How do you set a sales strategy?
To set your sales strategy, start by choosing the products you want to sell. You will then need to define your target audience, your prices, and your communication strategy, i.e. the channels you will use to communicate with your potential customers, the visuals of your products, and your tone.
How do I choose my online order channel?
The order channel you choose will depend on your sales strategy. Think about the type of product you want to sell and the features and support that each channel offers to find the one that's best for you.
How do I fulfil my orders?
In terms of the technical side of things, you can choose to either manage fulfilment of your orders yourself using conventional services or use Fulfilment by Amazon. In terms of the practical side of things, consider stocking up with packaging such as envelopes, parcels, biodegradable packing peanuts, and labels, depending on the products sold in your store.
How do you sell products by the book?
Selling online sales is subject to strict laws and regulations. It is important to find out about your country's VAT requirements, data protection legislation, and consumer rights.
How do you attract customers?
Use attractive visuals and clear, concise content to attract buyers. You can also become more visible by using SEO, by changing your prices based on your competition, or through promotions.

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