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International Trade Compliance

Customs Clearance and Shipping Services on Amazon

Customs Clearance and Shipping Services on Amazon (formerly known as Amazon Small Parcel Cross-border Service) are a range of solutions offered by Amazon Transportation Service (ATS)-AVASK and UPS-AVASK, a third-party provider, that help you save time while expanding your business.
You can ship your small parcels to fulfilment centres in the United Kingdom and the European Union to reach thousands of consumers. Receive indirect representation and brokerage services through AVASK and benefit from a service for transporting items from warehouses to fulfilment centres through ATS and UPS for cross-border shipments to the United Kingdom and the EU.
Trusted customs broker
Thanks to our expert partner, AVASK, you will receive proven support for customs clearance in the United Kingdom and the EU.
Cross-border shipping support
We offer customs clearance support and a discounted rate to help you grow your business in the United Kingdom and the EU.
The solution is less complicated than others and more reliable when it comes to the stock getting there successfully and supplying the best-selling ASINs
MatthewSupply Chain Manager at Digiflex
Selling back into Europe has been a lot simpler with this solution. Its streamlined and cost-effective approach has allowed us to scale up again in the EU.
PhilipManaging Director of The Golden Bear

How it works

Step 1

Choose between ATS-AVASK and UPS-AVASK and get registered using one of the following forms.

Step 2

Sign up using this form to receive support from ATS-AVASK to set up your account.

Sign up using this form to receive support from UPS-AVASK to set up your account.

Step 3

Create your shipment in Seller Central using the Send to Amazon workflow as soon as you have received confirmation from AVASK that your account has been created.

Step 4

Add customs-related invoices and any necessary data on the AVASK portal for each new shipment.

Step 5

If you choose ATS-AVASK, you will need to create a shipment with UPS or DDP (non-PCP). Enter the Amazon UK sorting centre as your destination.

If you choose UPS-AVASK, you will need to contact UPS directly to arrange for the collection of your goods.

Step 6

Provide AVASK with payment of your custom fees and invoices. You will receive confirmation that your shipping documents have been approved.

Step 7

Have your goods shipped to fulfilment centres in either the United Kingdom or the EU. AVASK will invoice you directly for customs clearance charges (including duties and VAT).

After the onboarding process has been completed, we will share further details to provide you with the necessary information and support.

Fees for Customs Clearance and Shipping Services on Amazon

See the table below to learn more about ATS-AVASK and UPS-AVASK rates:



Amazon promotion*

Total to be paid

Account setup
Paid by Amazon
Annual fee for the first year of AVASK indirect representation
Paid by Amazon
Brokerage fees (per shipment)
*Amazon promotion is valid until 31/3/2023. To learn more about the terms and conditions, see the registration forms above.
**What are the freight charges?
Freight charges for ATS-AVASK: shipping to a domestic Amazon sorting centre using only UPS/DPD/DHL (non-PCP). ATS-AVASK will ship your goods internationally free of charge.
Freight charges for UPS-AVASK: ship end-to-end under the UPS Partnered Carrier Programme (PCP). Your goods will be shipped internationally at UPS' PCP shipping rates discounted for Amazon.

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