Product compliance

Understand the importance of product compliance and learn about Amazon's compliance and product safety requirements.

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Product compliance

What is product compliance?

Product compliance describes a set of regulatory requirements that a product must meet in order to be sold in the European Union. These requirements cover all stages of the product life cycle, from the safety and compliance standards related to the product and its production, to the information required on the product's physical packaging and the online product detail page.
Product requirements in the EU and the UK
The requirements for listing your products may vary depending on the product and the country in which you sell. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your legal advisor or your supplier to ensure that you have all of the relevant information.
Market surveillance regulation

Market surveillance regulation

What are the current requirements? Since 16 July 2021, it has been illegal to sell CE-marked products in the EU without designating a Responsible Person based in the EU. CE-marked products must be labelled with the contact details of the Responsible Person. The details may be attached to the product, its packaging, the package used to ship the product or to an accompanying document.

Responsible Person

Amazon already collects contact information for the Responsible Person for brands outside of the EU and ASINs that use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) via the Responsible Person dashboard.
Responsible Person
product compliance

Do you need help meeting your product compliance requirements?

Amazon is here to help you throughout your selling journey in EU Storefronts. Check out our available product compliance solutions and choose the one that is the most suitable for your business:

Amazon is here to help

Amazon Product Compliance Services

Coming soon to help you comply with the relevant product compliance regulations in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Service Provider Network

Amazon-approved third-party providers can help you navigate the world of compliance by carrying out auditing, certification, inspection and testing services for your products.

Consult the Service Provider Network and learn about Amazon-approved third-party service providers to help automate, manage and expand your business.

Product categories subject to product compliance regulations:

Consult the list of regulations that contain the most important compliance requirements. In Seller Central, you can find more information about each of these product categories.
*Important: This page does not constitute legal or compliance advice from Amazon. It is your responsibility to conduct your own legal evaluation to understand all of the compliance obligations that apply to you.
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