Expand online with our free Amazon FBA training courses.

Whatever your business’s level of digitalisation, find the training that suits you to get started or expand online.

Our experts and partners give you the keys to learn how to create and grow your online business, whether you're looking to start in ecommerce or improve your sales via Amazon storefronts. Access many free online courses and webinars tailored to your objectives and level of digitalisation.
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Have you already gone digital and want to understand how to sell on Amazon Marketplace?

Join our live or recorded webinars and get expert advice on how to get started or expand on Amazon. Topics covered by the webinars include international development, fulfilment, and good practices for optimising your sales on Amazon.
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The webinars will allow you to learn about the various tools and programmes and to directly ask our experts questions on the following topics:

  • Key information for selling on Amazon (promotional offers, competitiveness, account verification, inventory management, etc.)

  • Brand ownership (analysis and advertising tools, creating, protecting, and growing your brand, Brand Registry, etc.)

  • International development (discovering marketplaces in Europe and abroad, reaching new customers, etc.)

  • Fulfilment (Fulfilment by Amazon and Fulfilment by Seller, Small and Light programme, Hazardous Materials, Pan-European, etc.)

  • Amazon Business (developing your B2B business, advanced tools, etc.)

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A few comments from those who have taken part:

"The webinars are very comprehensive and give you a lot of information. They are an essential tool for optimising your business on Amazon."

"Everything was very clear and very well explained."

"Thanks for all the information. In my humble opinion, it's well structured and being able to ask questions directly helps a lot."
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Entrepreneurs, VSEs, SMEs: Are you looking to digitalise your business easily and at your own pace?

Discover L'Accélérateur du Numérique (The Digital Accelerator), a free ecommerce training programme. It is intended to support all French entrepreneurs step by step in their digital transformation and to help them expand online. The programme covers a wide variety of topics, from digital marketing and logistics to choosing a sales strategy, via numerous online courses and interactive webinars.
Access to the programme is completely free. All you have to do is register.
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Online courses will allow you to learn more about how to...

  • Start your business

  • Prepare for your digital transition

  • Open your own retail site

  • Sell on a marketplace

  • Build your brand image
  • Increase your traffic

  • Prepare your logistics

  • Accelerate your sales

  • Manage and use your databases

  • Understand the keys to selling on Amazon

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A few comments from those who have taken part:

"Very interesting, enriching, intuitive, and comprehensive courses."

"I have taken most of your online courses. They are very useful when you are starting out in ecommerce."

"A lot of information. Sometimes new, sometimes already known, but always interesting."
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