Prime Day

Prime Day

For Amazon Selling Partners, Prime Day is about more than just boosting sales — it's a great way to build awareness and gain traction on new products.
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Prime Day
Julie Stott HONEYCAT
Prime Day 2020 exceeded all of our expectations. On day one we saw a 700% lift in units sold, leading to a record sales day for us.
Caron ProschanCEO of Simply Gum

Why schedule promotions during Prime Day?

On Prime Day 2020, independent third-party sellers — most of them small and medium-sized businesses — had their two biggest days ever, surpassing 3.5 billion in sales.
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Benefit from Amazon's online and offline marketing efforts aiming to maximise traffic on the Prime Day page.
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Improve the visibility of your brands and products.
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Sales potential
Increase sales for your brand.
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Highlighting products in search results with badges.

What promotion types are available on Amazon?

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Create a Deal
Discounts that feature for a limited number of hours, or throughout the entire event duration.
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Create an Prime Exclusive Discount
Prime Exclusive Discounts stand out in search and product pages and are only for Prime members.
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Create a Prime Member Coupon
Provide a discount on a top-selling product, or offer loyal customers a package deal.

Get ready for Prime Day around the world

With over 200 million paid Prime members globally, you can leverage Amazon's global scale to reach more customers on Prime Day.
Global Prime Day

Start preparing for Prime Day

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We saw 145% year-on-year growth just in the opening hours of Prime Day. In just one day, we sold more Furbos than in the previous three months combined and we nearly doubled sales from last year.
Victor Chang and Maggie CheunggCo-founders of Furbo
Victor Chang and Maggie Cheung

Final tips for Prime Day

Send stock in early

With quick turnaround events like Prime Day, send all stock by the due date, then ramp up sales with pre-event campaigns. For best results, calculate expected demand and sales goals well in advance.

Tip: Don't stress about storage — when determining storage limits, we account for seasonal sales peaks, recent growth, and popularity of products.

Combine offers with other marketing levers

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Sponsored Products
The self-service advertising programme for creating cost-per-click ads quickly and improving your visibility.
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A+ Content
Refine your product descriptions to help customers make an informed buying decision.
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Brand Stores
Promote your brand and products with your own multi-page storefront.
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