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Get answers to frequently asked questions about using Amazon for e-commerce.

General overview

What is the Selling on Amazon programme?
Selling on Amazon is used by individuals and businesses to sell their products and inventory online through Amazon stores, such as Amazon.fr
Why should I sell on Amazon?
The two main reasons are: your product will reach hundreds of millions of potential customers, and you can start selling quickly without having to create a commercial website or a physical store.
Can I list my products in all Amazon categories?
Prior approval may be required to list certain products in certain categories. Go to the Sell page for more information.
What type of products cannot be listed on Amazon.fr?
Some products cannot be listed for legal or regulatory reasons (for example, prescription drugs), or because they violate Amazon’s policies (for example, crime scene photos). For detailed information, please see our Restricted Products Help section.
What is the A-to-Z Guarantee?
The A-to-Z Guarantee is designed to handle situations where a customer either never received a product or received a product that was substantially different to what was ordered or expected. We ask customers to first contact the selling partner when they have a problem. If the selling partner is unable to resolve the issue, the customer can file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim. When Amazon.fr receives the claim, we send the seller partner an automated email detailing the claim that requires a response with basic information about the order and shipping process. We will then determine how the claim will be settled, which may include refunding the order to the customer, at the seller’s expense.
How do I open a new Amazon selling partner account?
Visit the Pricing page to sign up for the Professional or Individual selling plan. You can use your Amazon customer account, or you can create a new account with your business email address. To sign up, provide the following information:
  • Credit or debit card number
  • Telephone number
  • Bank account details
  • VAT number, if your company is VAT registered
  • Email address.
Can I downgrade my Professional selling account?
Yes. If you don’t want to be charged a monthly subscription fee, you can downgrade your account from the Professional selling plan to the Individual selling plan from the My Services page in Seller Central (login required).

If you downgrade, your account stays open and you can keep listing items on Amazon as an individual partner, but you’ll lose access to the Professional plan benefits, such as batch upload, order reports, seller-set shipping rates, or special listing features. Also, only Professional seller listings are eligible for featured offer status on the product detail pages.
How do I close my Amazon seller account?
To permanently close your Amazon seller account, submit a request to close your account in Seller Central. You can use our Listings Status feature to suspend your product listings, or you can remove them entirely, but hold on to your account for future use. Before you close your account permanently, remember to cancel and remove your listings and resolve all transactions.


How much does it cost to sell on Amazon.fr?
Amazon has two selling plans. The Professional selling plan costs €39 (excluding VAT) per month. You also pay a per-item referral fee that varies depending on the category. The Individual selling plan costs a per-item fee of €0.99 plus a per-item referral fee that varies depending on the category. If you are likely to sell fewer than 40 items a month, the Individual plan may be best for you.

In addition to the cost of your selling plan and referral fees, other costs may apply, depending on how you ship orders, whether you decide to advertise, etc.
What are the differences between the Professional and Individual accounts?
Third-party sellers can sell in Amazon's stores by signing up for the Professional plan or the Individual plan. With the Individual plan, sellers pay a fee for each unit they sell. With the Professional selling plan, sellers pay a flat monthly fee, regardless of how many units they sell.
When do I start getting charged the monthly subscription fee?
The monthly subscription fee only applies to Professional selling accounts and begins as soon as you have completed the sign-up process. Your first monthly subscription fee will be charged upon subscription, unless you're signing up with a promotional offer.
How do I get paid?
Amazon first settles your account 14 days after you sign up. The payment process is then repeated every 14 days. It normally takes five business days from the payment date for the money to appear in your bank account. For payment to take place, you must have a bank account entered in your selling partner account and a positive or zero “Selling on Amazon” account balance. Referral fees, variable closing fees, customer refunds, customer claims, or charge backs, if any, may affect your balance.


How do I manage my seller account?
Use the Seller Central website to manage all aspects of your Amazon business. Seller Central is the website where you manage your seller account, add product information, update inventory, and manage orders and payments.
How do I add inventory?
You have four options for entering product-related information:
  • Use the Sell on Amazon button on the Amazon product pages.
  • Use the Add a Product tool on Seller Central to list one new product at a time.
  • Use Excel-based inventory files to add multiple product listings at once.
  • Use Amazon Marketplace Web Service to carry out batch uploads and obtain batch reports.
How will I know when I make a sale?
Amazon notifies you by email or text message when you receive an order. You can choose either notification method in your account settings.
How much does it cost to ship items I sell on Amazon?
Shipping fees vary depending on whether you plan to fulfil orders yourself, or use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to handle your logistics and customer service.
How does Fulfilment by Amazon work?
With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) you store your products in Amazon's fulfilment centres, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.
What is the Featured Offer?
The Featured Offer (or the "Buy Box") is the display on a product detail page where customers start the purchase process by adding items to their shopping basket. A key feature of the Amazon website is that the same product can be sold by several selling partners. If several selling partners offer the same product in new condition, they can compete for the Featured Offer for that product.

In order to compete for Featured Offer placement, you must have a Professional seller account and always give customers the best possible shopping experience. Amazon uses performance-based criteria to determine Featured Offer eligibility and placement status. Qualifying offers that do not achieve Featured Offer status can be displayed in the “More Buying Choices” box. Amazon does not guarantee placement in either of these locations.
Can I offer gift-wrap and gift messaging services to my customers on Amazon.fr?
Yes, for sales in categories other than Books, Videos and DVDs. Gift messaging allows customers to write gift messages for individual items or for entire orders, and gift-wrap allows customers to select and pay for gift-wrapping for each item in their order. As an Amazon Services selling partner, you can make either or both of these services available to buyers of your items.
How do I sell my products in other Amazon stores internationally, such as amazon.com and amazon.co.jp?
Selling in other Amazon stores is similar to selling in France. When you set up a Professional seller account in France, you immediately have the option to list eligible products across North America (Canada and Mexico), Europe, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere. Learn more about how to sell in Amazon stores worldwide.
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