Stay compliant when selling on Amazon’s European stores

We know that compliance requirements when selling in the European Union can be overwhelming and complex. That’s why we’ve compiled the information you might need to remain compliant and protect you and your business — depending on where it's located and where you want to sell to.
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Stay compliant when selling on Amazon's EU websites

What is compliance and why is it important?

From verifying your identity and your VAT requirements, to product guidelines and sustainable obligations, learn the key insights—and how to remain compliant—when selling on Amazon’s European stores.

Compliance is one of the most effective ways we can ensure that the products in Amazon’s stores are safe, of a high quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. It also helps to establish trust between our customers and selling partners — and gives customers confidence when shopping with us.

If you’re not mindful of the rules around verification and tax, you could be restricted from offering products for sale in certain territories. Products that lack the right compliance documentation, or aren’t adhering to EPR standards, put your listings at risk of removal. And if non-compliant items are shipped internationally, they could be blocked at customs.

Below, you’ll find the five most common compliance categories you’ll come across as part of your selling journey on EU stores.
Stay compliant when selling on Amazon's EU websites

Verification compliance

We built industry-leading tools using advanced technology and expert human reviews to make verifying your identity a straightforward process. Getting verified as a seller is a legal obligation — but it’s also one of the ways that we build trust with our customers.
Verification compliance

Tax compliance

Tax compliance
As an Amazon selling partner, what existing regulations in the European tax landscape apply to you? Get to know more about your VAT requirements to ensure a seamless selling experience with your customers.

Product compliance

By selling on Amazon, your products get the exposure they deserve — helping you to reach tens of millions of shoppers. Product compliance helps to keep your customers—and your business—safe when selling.
Product compliance

Environmental compliance

Environmental compliance
Being compliant with environmental policies goes beyond doing the right thing for the planet. Learn more about environmental compliance, extended producer responsibility, waste from electronic and electrical equipment, and other responsibilities that might apply to you as a seller.

Although we’ve covered the main environmental compliance requirements, there may be others you need to meet. We recommend that you consult your legal counsel to make sure you’re compliant with all the applicable environmental requirements for your chosen country of sale.

International trade compliance

Opening up your sales to international customers is a great way to grow your business even faster on Amazon. But alongside the benefits, going global comes with its own challenges — especially when staying compliant. Learn what you need when it comes to international trade and speed up your shipments through customs.
International trade compliance
This page is for information purposes only and doesn't substitute professional advice from tax, legal or other compliance service providers.

Get help staying compliant and focus your time on growing your business.

Amazon Compliance Solutions is an all-in-one-place solution integrated within Seller Central across Tax, Environmental, Product and International Trade Compliance categories. So you can sell across Europe with confidence. Learn more about Amazon Compliance Solutions.
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