The evolution of a one-of-a-kind product into a trusted childcare brand

"The name Transparency says it all. It has truly added value to our product."
Emil Ninni and Giacomo Romani
Founders of Koala Babycare

From childhood friends to business partners

The founders of Koala Babycare, Emil and Giacomo, first met at high school in the small town of Pesaro on Italy's Adriatic coast.

As is often the case, the two lost touch after leaving school. Then one day, their paths crossed again while working at the same company and they reconnected over their shared dream of using their engineering degrees to make a positive impact.

Innovation through science

By chance, or maybe fate, Giacomo became an uncle at around the same time.

In addition, Emil's partner, who worked in a nursery, often told him stories about flat head syndrome. This is when babies' heads become flattened, usually as a result of them spending so much time lying on their backs.

This situation gave rise to an idea.

After months of extensive research and experimentation, Emil and Giacomo finally produced a prototype for the very first pillow specially designed to gently cushion a baby's head and preserve its natural shape.

Unwanted attention

In May 2017, Emil and Giacomo were ready to launch.

There was just one problem.

While imitation may be the highest form of flattery, it is bad for business and unacceptable when child safety is at stake.

Studies have shown that 58% of parents care deeply about the authenticity of the childcare products that they buy. In addition, 72% would no longer buy a specific brand's products if they learned of the presence of counterfeits on the market that could harm their baby.

After all their hard work, Emil and Giacomo refused to take this risk.

Protecting the Koala Babycare brand with Amazon

That was when Emil and Giacomo turned to Amazon to help expand their online business. They quickly discovered that Amazon offered a range of programmes that allowed businesses to grow while protecting their brand.

One such tool is the Amazon Brand Registry, which allows brand owners to provide an accurate representation of their brand and products to create a reliable customer experience.

By enrolling in Brand Registry, Emil and Giacomo gained access to enhanced features such as A+ Content, Sponsored Brands, Brand Analytics, and other brand protection tools, which allowed them to detect and report violations with ease.

"Being on the Brand Registry gave us the tools we needed to develop and protect our brand effectively. We were able to do some research and report any suspicious listings so that Amazon could remove them immediately."

These tools have contributed to the growth of their business. Very quickly, their pillow became one of the most sought-after childcare products in Europe.
Amazon has paved the way for us. It has allowed our company to succeed on a European scale. Since 2017, our turnover has tripled year on year. And 80% of this revenue comes from our Amazon Seller storefront.
Needless to say, Emil and Giacomo were over the moon. However, their success has made them even more aware of the need to protect their brand, their new customers, and their hard-won reputation every step of the way.

So when they heard about Transparency, signing up was a no-brainer. This counterfeit-prevention programme has been designed by Amazon to help sellers take proactive measures to protect their products and customers against counterfeiting.

A simple process from start to finish

Emil and Giacomo started by registering a product. This was their best-selling product with the highest risk of exposure to counterfeiting.

Signing up and getting started were simple. Furthermore, and even more importantly, the benefits were almost immediate.

"Transparency gives us confidence. Every product we sell has a unique code, which ensures that potential wrongdoers can't take advantage of our work."

And Emil and Giacomo aren't the only ones to have been put at ease by the programme's guarantees.

"Every customer who buys the product can verify its authenticity simply by scanning it with their smartphone."

Joining Transparency has created a virtuous cycle.

Positive customer reviews are increasing, which in turn strengthens Koala Babycare's reputation. This encourages more people to buy their products, thereby increasing their sales and turnover.
Joining Transparency has allowed us to increase our turnover by 10%.

From strength to strength

When Transparency revealed that it was launching an in-app customer-engagement feature, Emil and Giacomo were among the first to sign up.

In addition to offering proactive protection against counterfeits, the new features give customers access to rich brand content and exclusive promotions, while encouraging them to share their brand experience on social media. All they need to do is scan a code using a specially designed Transparency application.

"This is an incredible opportunity for us because we can interact, cross-sell, upsell, and encourage repeat purchases when customers are at their most receptive — not only have they just purchased the product, but they have it in their hands as they watch the content."

Emil and Giacomo are convinced that this will be the beginning of a new chapter for their brand, in which they will achieve even greater results.

Transparency pays off

The Koala Babycare adventure began with a big idea and an ambitious goal: to make a real difference in people's daily lives.

Amazon has been instrumental in making this vision a reality. It has helped Koala Babycare to reach a wide audience and provided it with the tools it needs to ensure that its customers continue to see it as a trusted brand that keeps its promises.

Emil, Giacomo and their customers can now sleep soundly, knowing that Koala Babycare products are protected and authentic.

"Transparency is the best guarantee there is. I'd recommend it to any brand that values its reputation and wants to protect it."
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Contact the Transparency team to learn more.

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