Selling furniture online

How to sell furniture online

€39 (excl. VAT) per month + referral fees
Selling furniture online

Selling furniture online

Today, online furniture sales are booming.
With growing confidence in e-commerce, customers now find it easier to buy items online that were mostly only available in physical shops.
Sellers can then seize this opportunity, as they don't need to invest in commercial premises. Selling online also helps to increase visibility, reach a wider customer base and gather accurate data on target markets.

Sofa set – Furniture

Sign up on Amazon to sell furniture

Amazon offers two options for its sellers: an individual plan and a professional plan.

There are five key steps that we recommend before you start selling online.
  1. Set up a sales strategy for your products:
    Identify your customer base so you can tailor a pricing strategy, a brand image and any applicable communication channels to suit.
  2. Choose your online marketplace.
    Amazon, for example, is ideal for getting qualified traffic with minimal investment.
  3. Plan your order delivery model.
  4. Know the rules for selling online:
    like VAT requirements, restricted or prohibited products and GDPR.
  5. Pay attention to presentation:
    with eye-catching visuals, clear content and relevant keywords.

Plans and payments

On Amazon, the Individual plan costs €0.99 (excluding VAT) on each item sold, and the Professional plan costs €39 per month (excluding VAT) regardless of the number of items sold. In addition, there is a referral fee of between 8% and 15%, calculated for each item sold.
The deadline for payment to the seller is usually 7 days after the delivery date.
Lastly, there is the cost of delivering the items. You can either send them yourself or use the Fulfilled by Amazon service. There are two types of costs:
  • The processing fee for each product sold, which depends on the size and weight of the product.
  • The monthly inventory management fee, which depends on the volume of your products in the fulfilment centre.


VAT stands for value-added tax. Traders registered in France must add it to the price of their products. It is reported and paid to the tax authorities.
Amazon also offers a comprehensive guide and a VAT service to guide sellers through the various procedures.

Amazon can therefore be a great solution for selling furniture online. There is also a comprehensive guide to help you take your first steps on the site.


Can I change my selling plan?
Amazon selling plans can be changed or cancelled at any time.
How much does the Amazon VAT calculation service cost?
The Amazon VAT calculation service is made available free of charge to all sellers.
Do I need a S.à. r.l. to sell on Amazon?
No. You can start selling under your name as a sole trader.
Is Amazon right for my business?
Yes. No matter the size of your business, you can thrive on Amazon.

Start selling today

€39 (excl. VAT) per month + referral fee
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