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My insights on B2B customers compared to B2C customers: higher average order value, loyalty and a smooth relationship.

Jesús González Burgos
Director and Founder, Clim Profesional
Clim Profesional

How we manage to stand out in a highly competitive market

A firm believer in the potential of an online channel, Jesús González Burgos founded Clim Profesional in 2014 with the aim of selling cleaning products to B2B customers online. Located in Salteras, a small village in Seville (southern Spain), the company sells cleaning, hygiene and disposable products to B2B customers while also manufacturing products under its own brand, Clim Profesional.

The cleaning products sector is highly competitive; products are common and difficult to differentiate from competing products. However, Clim Profesional has adopted a specific approach: “Our mission is to always provide excellent service and build a trust-based relationship with our B2B customers in the long-term”, says Jesús González Burgos, Director and Founder of Clim Profesional.

After a boom during the Covid pandemic, the cleaning products industry is now back to normal and stable again, with its usual characteristics of not following any trends or seasonality.

We started selling our products on Amazon before Amazon Business was launched

Clim Profesional joined Amazon as a selling partner before Amazon Business even existed. As the company’s main focus was B2B sales, it realised the enormous potential of Amazon Business soon after its launch. “Currently, around 30–40% of our revenue comes from Amazon and it's growing every year. That’s why our partnership with Amazon is critical to our business”, explains Jesús. Combined with FBA, Amazon Business has helped Clim Profesional to extend its business from Spain and Portugal to all countries in the EU.
Amazon Business has given us a great opportunity to reach new, extremely loyal B2B customers.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and Founder, Clim Profesional
“We sell our products in other online marketplaces, and we especially like the strong B2B focus of Amazon Business. This is what we find motivating about selling on Amazon: this marketplace is orientated towards B2B purchases, offering certain features that are not available on other marketplaces (such as setting different prices for businesses or creating quantity discounts)”, explains Jesús.

Jesús also shares that the company is not only a seller on Amazon Business; it is a B2B customer too, buying its own supplies on the site: “As an Amazon customer, I have confidence and trust that I’m doing business with professional counterparts. I know that the transactions will go well”.

My insights on B2B customers compared to B2C customers: higher average order value, loyalty and a smooth relationship.

We asked Jesús about the differences noted between interactions with B2B and B2C customers. Here is what his company has noticed:

“One of the main differences is a higher average purchase value, as B2B customers tend to buy in bulk. Even if we set a lower price per unit for B2B, the overall average purchase is always higher”.
The average order value of B2B clients is higher compared to B2C orders, as companies tend to buy in bulk and more frequently. Also, if an issue or incident with the order occurs, the management is more agile and smooth with B2B clients.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and Founder, Clim Profesional
The relationship with customers is also very different, especially post purchase. With every return request or incident, the process is smoother and more efficient than with B2C customers.

The delivery time and logistics are easier for us as the seller than when we deliver our products to private addresses. Thanks to the B2B focus, we can offer better delivery times and an optimal delivery experience.

Finally, we have observed a notable difference in customer loyalty and order recurrence: B2B customers are more loyal than the B2C segment. If a B2B customer likes your products, they are more likely to buy the same products recurrently in the long term.

Jesús concludes by saying that his company's experience as a selling partner is improving as it sells more to B2B customers. Its B2B customers are extremely varied as all companies need cleaning products and disposables. According to Jesús, the main sectors are education (schools, universities etc.), businesses (neighbouring communities, corporate offices), health (hospitals) and hospitality (restaurants).

Amazon Business tools are fuelling the growth of our B2B business

“Around 80–90% of our business comes from B2B sales. Quantity Discounts is the feature we use the most with our catalogue to encourage bulk orders. We believe that B2B customers are really sensitive to this kind of promotion. We also use the Manage Quotes function, which allows us to offer one-time discounts for special requests”, outlines Jesús.

He also comments on the company’s experience with setting up Business Prices: “We really like the option of setting special Business Prices compared to normal B2C prices, as we know that B2B customers have greater buying potential and a higher likelihood of repeat purchases. We therefore adjust our prices to secure stable and longer-lasting relationships with our B2B customers in the long term”.
The VAT Calculation Service (VCS) saves time and effort both for customer and seller, further strengthening the relationship with customers. With this service, you avoid a lot of back and forth with customers as you can outsource the invoicing process to Amazon.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and Founder, Clim Profesional

My advice for growing your B2B business and ensuring its success on Amazon

“For us, Amazon is an important part of the development of our brand as we are present in a marketplace where we can be seen by millions of potential customers. Additionally, Amazon gives you the tools you need to increase your visibility, such as Brand Registry, which allows you to feel safe and secure in terms of brand protection”, says Jesús.

Here is his advice: “We would encourage other selling partners to learn the differences between B2B and B2C customers and to adapt to them: create special Business unit prices and also Quantity Discounts. These are two of the most important levers for attracting B2B customers”.

Finally, Jesús emphasises the importance of the service offered to B2B customers. “Excellent service helps to attract loyal customers who re-order frequently, establishing a long-term relationship with them”.
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